Mana+Kori Great Sustainable Architects Melbourne Victoria

Mana + Kori  Sustainable Architects Melbourne live by creativity, balance, harmony experiencing all aspects of architecture, including the land, form, aesthetics materials capturing the very essence that elevates our emotional response, understanding that as humans we flourish in spaces that harness the elements of light air and space. This is our ethos.

Our work in Europe helped capture the essence of simplicity, minimalistic designs, capturing internal and external spaces, focusing on simplistic building form, whilst creating warm and inviting internal spaces. We were fortunate to adapt our knowledge into beautiful Melbourne suburban homes, offering unique solutions to otherwise complex spaces.

At Mana+Kori we begin with a list of goals in mind, to create beautiful bespoke dwellings, ensuring our designs stand the test of time, for property developers we work towards achieving the returns required to make this project a profitable one. We research your target market, and provide you with appropriate designs for your development, and work relentlessly to achieve the results you require.

Moving into the design process we work closely with you to ensure a highly refined design regardless of the medium, whilst providing you with a boutique service, we all deserve to be spoilt, it is imperative that we understand our clients’ dreams and realize their vision. With a highly refined design process and an ability to communicate effectively, we produce award-winning homes with a style that is fast becoming recognized as Mana+Kori.

We believe contemporary architecture should respect its context whilst making a statement. 

We commence our work by building a solid foundation of research, researching your site’s potential, and also researching your requirements, we love to learn about you who you are, and how you live.

We love to research!  

“Our goal is to create innovative designs capturing our passions whilst responding to our client’s requirements.”

Mana+Kori are Sustainable Architects Melbourne who can coordinate efficiently with consultants, councils, and builders, offering our clients an end to end service.

At Mana+Kori our service is skilled, organized, competent, experienced, and above all professional. We build trust with our clients, ensuring our clients are privy to every phase of their project via online software solutions, and the team set up. You will always be able to track your project’s progression and deadline time frames. 

Mana+Kori Great Sustainable Architects Melbourne Victoria

Mana+Kori Great Sustainable Architects Melbourne Victoria

Mana+Kori Great Sustainable Architects Melbourne Victoria