Mana + Kori Melbourne boutique Architects Ethos

Creative design is the very essence of a successful project.  At Mana+Kori we understand the importance of profitability and property feasibility hence

when designing we unlock your properties potential allowing for quality in all aspects.

Our approach involves a fundamental belief that is key to our success: good design brings together aesthetics and functionality, people, and place.

This is what motivates us, and we love nothing more than being part of the entire design process;

from initial ideas and concepts that develop until we bring them to fruition together.


You’ll work with the best and brightest

We’re like a Swiss Army knife for architecture and planning – our multidisciplinary team consists of highly talented  Architects, designers, and interior designers,

we also work closely we selected consultants and specialists ensuring we get the best result each time.

Whether you want the whole service from conception to completion, or just want planning permission – you’ll deal with experts at every step.


You’ll get outstanding personal service

We aren’t a mega-corporation. We are smaller, so close interaction at the heart of what we do. We want strong relationships with our clients;

if we didn’t know our clients well, we wouldn’t have the confidence to deliver them what they came to us for!

The structure of our firm enables us to get high-quality, personalized results for our clients.

This we can do by dedicating ourselves to a smaller number of clients, so there’s more to detail each space.

We pride ourselves on working side-by-side with you to come up with solutions that satisfy your needs and meet your goals.



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Melbourne Boutique Architects

Melbourne Boutique Architects



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